Graphene offers highly exclusive rewards and supports to its clients
Graphene Money
Graphene Money supports aim to provide capital aid to our investors in addition to their current capital. These supports not only assist the investor's collateral but also directly contribute to the utilization of new opportunities.
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Real Account Contest
You can participate in the GrapheneFX Real Account Contest every month. All you have to do is open a demo account and apply for the Real Account Contest. At the end of the month, If you win any position, GrapheneFX will add Graphene Money to your trading account accordingly.
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Retrade can be activated in case the investor has a loss in the trading transactions. After the loss occurs, the commission profits and additional supports, that are obtained from the investor's transactions, are transferred to the investor's account as funds.
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Graphene League
Join the monthly Real Account Trading Contest and win the Real Account Trading Contest with the help of your trading skills and winning trading strategies and let us tell the world that you are among the top Forex Traders. We will add your portfolio and your picture to the GRAPHENEFX HALL OF FAME and it will remain there forever. Also, we have numerous prizes for the winners.
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