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GrapheneFx offers traders a platform with the highest quality in which traders could register to 3 distinctive accounts regarding their needs. All the accounts were arranged by professional teams bearing in mind the explicit conditions of different traders. Traders could open a Demo or Live Account including Standard, Prime, G-Plus or ECN accounts, providing flexibility to trade at any level they choose.

GrapheneFx provides accounts for every trading strategy compatible with all kinds of traders regardless of the trade size to meet the trader’s requirements and needs.


FX trading is basically buying and selling between currencies in order to gain profit from exchange rates. Trading occurs in pairs of currencies; while the first pair is called the ‘’base’’ currency, the second one is called the ‘’quote’’ currency

Globally, the most preferred currency pair is the EUR/USD. It can be observed in the example below how much the US dollar can be traded for one Euro by buying the Euro and selling the US dollar.

EUR/USD = 1.2500

The FX market is available for trading for 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Because of the interest rates, market factors and geopolitical factors influencing currencies, there are no constant price offers, on the contrary they change continuously.

Forex being the biggest and most preferred financial market in the world provides traders a platform full of unlimited opportunities with the topmost capacity and the liquidity.

Derivatives on Forex are provided by GrapheneFx on a large spectrum of currency pairs as well as remarkable trading settings including minimum spreads and rapid completion. Achieving success with GrapheneFx which offers you a platform with the latest technological advancements and most profitable opportunities is one click away, sign up now!


Trading Derivatives on Share provides freedom to trade company shares without actually owning the shares while traders profit from the changing price quotes. Derivatives ensure traders to be able to perform trading in a less costly and less time consuming way.

Determining the price of the company’s share depends on the company’s current and possible future performance and success. Company’s revenue, new enterprises, and market events are three of the many factors affecting the process of determination of the price.

Traders could choose to trade in long or short positions and benefit from the changeable structure of the market such as increasing and decreasing share prices.

A Commodity in trade is called raw materials. Natural resources or agricultural products are the most popular examples of a commodity. That being said, Coffee, Sugar, and Copper are the most preferably traded commodities in the Forex market.

Political, economic, and environmental factors affects commodity prices, these factors could further be listed as:

Supply and Demand
Technological advances
Geopolitical tensions
Weather conditions
Natural disasters
Commodities can contribute to the distinctness of the investors’ portfolios. Traders and investors can find an opportunity of entering into the commodity market. Traders are given a chance to trade derivatives such as metals, energies, and soft commodities with minimum margin requirements and hedging strategies granted to handle their price liability.

Start your derivatives trading experience on GrapheneFx, an awarded multi-asset broker.

Cryptocurrencies, or Cryptos, are unique and popular digital currencies that are changing the financial industry exponentially. Their lack of physical form and decentralized nature, achieved by the use of Blockchain technology, makes them perfect for trading.

Launched in 2009, Bitcoin was the first decentralized digital cryptocurrency. Its characteristics more closely resemble commodities rather than conventional currencies. It often records the highest trading volume in almost all the exchanges it’s listed on.


When you choose to trade derivatives on bitcoin, the price is usually quoted against the US dollar. In other words, you are selling USD to buy bitcoins. If the price of bitcoin rises you will need to buy BTCUSD in order to make a profit because bitcoin is now worth more USD than when you bought it. If you decide to sell BTCUSD and the price rises, then there will be a loss.

Important cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin include Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest digital currency by market capitalization after Bitcoin, Ripple (XRP) which remains one of the most attractive digital currencies among traditional financial institutions to revolutionize cross-border payments, and Litecoin (LTC), often referred to as “silver to bitcoin’s gold.”

The price of a cryptocurrency can be affected by many factors including supply and market demand for it, regulation, news and media, and price speculation.

At GrapheneFx we offer you the opportunity to trade popular Cryptocurrencies as derivatives without owning the digital asset, with 24-hour trading, low margin requirements, and the ability to trade on both rising and falling prices.


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