Who we are

We have invested in you.


Who we are?
Over the years, through bad and good times, Graphenefx Group has been there for investors. We will always be invested in your tomorrow whatever comes your way today.

Roots of our establishment.
Graphene FX is headquartered in South Africa. We also have offices in the UK and Canada. We have been serving in Europe, Asia and Africa for the last 10 years. For the last 1.5 years, we have been providing support to our investors in the Pakistani market with our special additional backoffice.

While Graphene is the most remarkable substance ever discovered, we have been inspired by the world's strongest product to be the most powerful broker in the forex industry. Graphenefx Group established by finance professionals who have been in the market for over 10 years and it has grown internally to become one of the premier brokerage firms with over $4 million in equity capital.

Graphenefx Group conducts its broker business with over 350,000 clients and 90 market destinations worldwide. In its broker business, Graphenefx ensures direct access to the top liquidity providers with the fastest trade execution. Across the world, individual and institutional investors will meet a wide range of traded instruments including stocks, forex, indices, cryptocurrencies, and options. Graphenefx Group and its affiliates execute over 1,300,000 trades per day.


Why Choose Graphenefx:
Graphenefx stands by the workforce structure which welcomes all cultures, nations, ethnicities, and religions. Our advanced technology fits with our global clientele while they use our advanced trading platforms and tools. We work with experts who have comprehensive experience within the field and profound knowledge of the financial markets. Our passion is to accelerate trading services around the world by providing services in crypto, CFDs, equity indices, currencies, energies, and precious metals.

Our philosophy is to win our client’s loyalty through providing fulfillment. In order to keep our reputation, we are trying to provide service according to our client’s needs and demands since integrity is the key point to preserve one’s reputation. Since client’s needs and demands change as they get more advanced, for the sake of the client’s satisfaction, we oversee the new industry trends and adapt to the latest technology. The reason why we keep spreads minimum and provide the highest quality service is that client’s success is the number one priority for us. Thus, it is not an option to make any changes in components that could disturb the client's achievement.

Fair Trading
Our mission fosters to provide trading services in only fairness and trustworthiness.

All investors welcome to experience equal and ethical trading conditions nevertheless of their capital worth, the volume of their investment, or their account types.

Broker You Can Trust:
Graphenefx aims to create a trading environment with no re-quotes and no rejections policy.

Hence, with this policy, more than 99% of all trading orders are executed in less than a second. As we always underline the fact that execution speed matters the most in Forex and this is what our company’s business model shaped around.

Most Secure:
At Graphenefx our priority is to secure our client’s funds.

Our team makes sure that all of our clients are not at risk of losing more than their initial capital by providing Balance Protection.

A broker among you:
We have always chased the real stories of our clients and partners, so our team has visited over 60 cities around the world. We believe that human capital is more important than the capital in our pockets.

We are glad to initiate educational gatherings to teach traders to enhance their trading decisions. Over the years, Grafenefx has been pointed out by our clients for providing excellent customer service and a non-traditional approach to the trading world. Grapehenfx is where traders can appreciate the highest client retention.

- More than 350,000Clients
- Wide range of traders from 90 countries
- 10+ secure payment methods
- Trading platforms with 15+ features
- 30+ languages available
- Personal consultants 24/5


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